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    William Michaels
  • Thank Your Genetic Supply   I Been looking for the Perfect Addition to Add To our Existing Room. We Look forward the to Release of the 2020 Menus online thank you for the Amazing Service and Fast Delivery of my Packs on the Last Order.
    Amy Mclairen
    Growing Gardens
  • New Seeds Packs  Thank You For the New Additions To You Seed Catalog. Been Waiting On the Seeds for a While I Love the Seed Section at Genetic Supply thank you again for Making it Easy to Get Great Genetics.
  • Hello Genetic Supply I Been Searching for Pennywise Seeds Forever and Finally Found them on your Website Thank you for Them Cannot Wait to Add these Beauty's to My Garden.  I am always looking for the best strains to Add to my garden so Again i Just want to say thank you to your team.
    William Michaels

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Black Lite Diva ( Moonshadow x Dead Lights)

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