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Fundip Male: Vault Seed Packs

Fundip Male Seed Packs are for our exclusive 2020 Menu.

Choose Between 5 & 10 Seed Packs

BFF | Candied Pineapple | Candy Skulls | Citrus Bazooka | Cotton Candy Clown | Dirty Dip | Fondant | Ganjapreneur | Gold Dust (Sold Out) | Poison Candy | Resling | Rock Show | Salted Creamsicle | San Fran Fiasco | Shocka | Smooth Dip | Summer Flan | Tang Time



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BFF, Candied Pineapple, Candy Skulls, Citrus Bazooka, Cotton Candy Clown, Dirty Dip, Fondant, Ganjapreneur, Gold Dust, Poison Candy, Resling, Rock Show, Salted Creamsicle, San Fran Fiasco, Shocka, Smooth Dip, Summer Flan, Tang Time

Seed Packs

5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

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