Frap Frap Mazar: 2020 One Timer


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Frap Frap Mazar Male Seed Packs.
Frap Frap Mazar Male Seed Packs are for our exclusive 2020 Menu.

Choose Between 5 & 10 & 50 Seed Packs

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Boogie Nights, Cafe Greystoke, Cali Cream, Candy Skulls, Cocktail Kush, Darkslide, Farstucker, Frap 'n Snap, Frap RX, Goat Rock, Highlighter, Inner Sanctum, Jack Frap, Maraschino, Morita, Morning Nip, Mother Of Invention, Mystic Brew, OJ Express, Panama Boquete, Quick Clean, Quick Dip, Sonoma Crush, Speed Trap, Starbux Stakeout, Stout Kush, Street Shitter, WaWa Kush


10 Pack, 5 Pack, 50 Pack


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