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Midnight Snow X Purple Flame
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Darkwood Male Seed Packs.

Darkwood Male Seed Packs are for our exclusive 2020 Menu.

Choose Between 5 & 10 Seed Packs


Basement Jam | Darkwood F2 | Darkwood Mash | Dark & Dirty | Dark & Sour | Earl de Darkwood | False Messiah | Garlic-Lime Equilibrium | Ginger Snaps | Home Slice | Pimp Stick | Skinny Dip | 5555

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Basement Jam, Darkwood F2, Darkwood Mash, Dark & Dirty, Dark & Sour, Earl de Darkwood, False Messiah, Garlic-Lime Equilibrium, Ginger Snaps, Home Slice, Pimp Stick, Skinny Dip, 5555

Seed Packs

5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

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