Alcatraz OG Male : Vault Seed Packs


Alcatraz Seed Packs From $45.00 – $80.00 – $350.00



Alcatraz OG Seed Packs.

Alcatraz OG Seed Packs are for our exclusive 2020 Menu.

Choose Between 5 & 10 & 50 Seed Packs

Birdman OG | Bloody Mary | Breakout | Candied Mango | Cherry Slasher| Double Barreled | Deathrow OG |Escape | Gas Chamber | Jail Bait | Lethal Injection | Lockdown | Napalm Nightmare | Soap On a Rope | The Dungeon | The Phantom Zone | Urkatraz | Zest OG

Additional information

Strain Choice

Birdman OG, Bloody Mary, Breakout, Candied Mango, Cherry Slasher, Double Barreled, *Deathrow OG, *Devil's Food Cake, Escape, Fort Jefferson, Gas Chamber, Jail Bait, Jail House Hooch, Last Rights, Lethal Injection, Lifer, Lockdown, Napalm Nightmare, Skyjacker, Soap On a Rope, Sublime Crime, Super Funk, The Dungeon, The Phantom Zone, *The Zest, *The Zoo, Urkatraz, *Warden OG, Zest OG

Seed Packs

5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 50 Seeds


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